Sadlemire Metal Custom Designs and Installations

Article by Robbie Robertson| Photos by Bobby Dalto

Whether it’s an ornate gate inviting guests to your inner sanctum or a majestic stairway that leads to your own personal piece of heaven, Robert Sadlemire wants to transform your home into a total work of art.

As one of the Southeast’s most unique visual artists, Saddlemire’s metal works have gained notoriety for putting everyday function into visually stunning works of art. Sadlemire has creatively melded metal into elegant sculptures as well as functional items such as twisted spiral tables, bed frames, fountains, and his well known neo classical faces.

“With Robert’s reputation as a commissioned artist, he thought it was a natural evolution to create art that’s not only in the home, but an actual part of the home,” said Cathy Sadlemire, wife and business partner. “Where aspects of the home like staircases, gates and railings are often generic, Robert works one on one with a client to create home components that are extremely metropolitan and quite unique to this part of the country.”

With over 25 years of experience in metal works, Sadlemire has mastered the art of bending ridged metals into fluid and graceful works of art. Along with luxurious gates and sculpture staircases, Sadlemire has created grand chandeliers, kitchen islands, veranda beds and elegant bars for both home and commercial clients.

“My goal is to create something with expression because people are going to be living with it” , said Robert. “I want to make something unique for each client and help create sculptural homes.”

One of the premiere examples of one such sculptural home is Sadlemire,ire’s own residence. It’s what the Sadlemire refer to as their “model home” because it serves as a residential gallery for Robert’s home creations.

From the luxury staircase, gates and railings to the beautiful beds, bars and metal art, the entire home is a gallery of Robert’s work. There are also other unique creations such as the rainforests bathroom, with its large glassed indoor shower that looks out onto the adjacent outdoor gardens and shower. The bathroom features metal sinks and other sculptural components created that evoke a natural, organic feel – definitely one of a kind.

When a potential client first expresses interest in Sadlemire’s work, he or she is invited for a private tour of the model home. You can see the beauty of Robert’s work in the photographs or on his website, but like any great works of art, to see it in person is breathtaking!